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TOPSIDE Newsletter

Starting with Volume 3, Number 17, to the present, the newsletters are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Month Features
February 2010 Fair Winds and Following Seas, NDC Congratulates the Graduates of the January 2010 NOAA Working Diver and Divemaster classes held in Key West, FL, Annual Medical History forms are due by March 1, 2010, New Science Diver Training and Certification Program, Analyze This
January 2010 It's all in the Technique; A Reminder from the NOAA Diving Safety Officer; Do not Exchange SEP Oxygen Cylinders, Get them Refilled; T.R.I. Air Testing
December 2009 Happy Holidays, DAMP It Jim!, New Kids on the Block, Higher Learning, Meet the Divers, Get Tested
November 2009 DOC VIP at NDC, U.S. Federal Diving Programs Conference 2009, NOAA Diver Doug Harper, "Secretary Wanted", Kudos LMac!, New Faces in New Spaces, SEP Equipment Update, Annual Unit Inspections, Meet the Divers
October 2009 End of an Era, September Working Diver Training, September Divemaster Training, SEP News, Recall Notice, Update form the NOAA Diving Safety Officer, The Lionfish are coming!
September 2009 Personnel Announcements; DAMP filing procedures; Technical Diving Used to Explore the Northeastern Hawaiian Islands; Dive Unit Inspections; Special diver recognitions; Annual Unit Reports Due' Cold water diving recommendations: The hazards of diving, part 2
August 2009 New Dive Center Manager; Rest in Peace, Ian Workman, Out: Shadow In: Atomic SS1; Greetings from the DCM; Director's Desk; Now Hiring!; Announcements; From the Field
June 2009 Diver Air Pressure Safety Alert System, Science Diver Training Course, NOS Quarterly Safety Pro Award 3rd Quarter 2009, Medical Records, Room with a View
April 2009 Announcements, Diving Control and Safety Board, Course Information, Unit Diving Supervisor Conference 2009
January 2009 Happy New Year, Course Information, Coral Conservation, Laurie's Corner, First Graduating Class, Tethered Scuba Training at NDC, Planned Courses, Staying sharp on the skills, RASS Information
November 2008 Current Events, Lake Huron Wreck Diving, Equipment Notes, New Proposal, Tethered Scuba Course, Getting it Done in Key Largo, Information on NDC Fees
September 2008 Good News!, New Diving Safety Officer, NDC Diving Medical Officer, NOAA Ship Delaware II, High Giant Stride Entry Technique, New Working Divers, New Divemasters, Training Evaluations
August 2008 NDC Current Events, Die-Hard Divers, NOAA's New Scientific Diving Standards & Safety Manual, NOAA Ship Ka'imimoana, Training fee announcement
July 2008 Announcements, New NOAA Scientific Diving Standards and Safety Manual, NOAA Science Camp 2008, NDC Project Support, New Reserve Air Supply Systems, Laurie's Corner
June 2008 Training Classes, New Equipment Testing, What Happened on the NOAAS OSCAR ELTON SETTE, Diving Into the Dry Tortugas
May 2008 New Policy Clarification, Divemaster Training, Working Diver Training, Something Screwy Going On, NOAA Diving Program May 2008 Dive Operaitons Standdown Action Plan, Follow-up Clarification of Eight-Point Action Items
April 2008 In Remembrance, Rusty Mason Biography, New Training Announcements, NOAA Diving Manual Survey, New Tethered SCUBA Class, SEP 02 Cylinders, Towboarding in Hawaii, UDS Profile, Diving Projects around the Nation in March, Ships: Lessons Learned
February 2008 Good News! Course Information, Annual Medical History Forms Due, Dive Pay, Congratulations, Annual Unit Inspections Due, Steve Urick - NDP Profile,
December 2007 Season's Greetings, SEP:"Closing the Loop", Changing Dive Units?, SATFADS Update, Dive Training Requirements, NOAA Diving Safety Board, Policy Review, Training Update, Dave Dinsmore, Director, NDP - Profile
November 2007 10th Anniversary, NOAA Ship NANCY FOSTER in FKNMS, "Blast from the Past", NOAA Ship MILLER FREEMAN, New Working Divers, New Divemasters
October 2007 Training Information, Farewell, Eric!, The Reef Doctor Retires, New Faces, Reminder to NOAA Corps, From the Field, Joint USN/NOAA SATFADS Program Update
August 2007 Training Schedule, Navy/NOAA SATFADS Update, Working Diver Class Pre-requisite, New Dive Plan Review Process Algorithm
June 2007 Training Schedule, Farewell, NDC Staff Addition, NW Working Dives, Close Call in Florida
May 2007 Training Schedule, Dive Physicals, NOAA-US Navy Saturation Diving
April 2007 Training Schedule, Ticklers, USS Arizona, NDC Vacancy, New BMI Standards
March 2007 Training Schedule, Annual Medical History Forms, NDSB Bulletin Re: USCG HEALY Report
February 2007 Training Schedule, T.R.I. Testing, NDSB Bulletin re: USCG HEALY, Director's Memo, MOCDOC's
January 2007 Training Schedule, Annual Unit Inspection Checklist, Annual Elder Valve Test Kit
December 2006 Training Schedule, Why Santa Doesn't Dive, Reminders, Congratulations!
November 2006 Trainig Schedule, New Employee, General Info and FAQ's on Contract Divers
October 2006 Training Schedule, VADM Lautenbacher Visits the NDC, 'Ghost Gear' Removal
September 2006 Training Schedule, Database Updates, A Word About Diving Reciprocity
August 2006 Training Schedule, Marine Debris Training, NDC AGA Mask Service, NDP Website
July 2006 Training Schedule, Reminders, NOAA Diving Program Policy Bulletin #06-01, Dive Safety
May 2006 Training Schedule, Awards, NOAA Diving Program Policy Bulletin #06-01, DAN Information
April 2006 Training Schedule, Reflections, Collaboration with NPS, Proper Dive Logging
March 2006 Training Schedule, Diver Profile Updates, Annual Training in Miami, UDS Conference
January-February 2006 Training Schedule, WD Refresher Class, Annual Service of BCD Inflator Hoses, Reminders
November 2005 Training Schedule, Reminders, Annual Unit Inspections, NDC Staff Addition
October 2005 Training Schedule, Training Updates, SEP Assessment Letters, New Letter of Reciprocity Procedures, NDC Staff Retirement
September 2005 Training Schedule, Letters of Reciprocity, Reminders, NOAA Corps Dive Orders, New Working Divers, New Divemasters
August 2005 Training Schedule, DMT Class Preparation, SCBA Fill Adapters
July 2005 Training Schedule, DMT in December, Dive Photo Contest, Derelict Gear Training, NOAA Science Camp, Publication Database
June 2005 Training Schedule, Letters of Reciprocity, Photo Contest, UDS Conference, New Working Divers, New Divemasters
May 2005 Training Schedule, Diving Photos Needed, T.R.I. Air Test Kits, Annual Training in Monterey
April 2005 Training Schedule, Regulations Reminder, Cold or Arduous Diving, N.C. Lionfish Surveys, NOAA ID Card Update
March 2005 Training Schedule, Swim Test Changes, T.R.I. Air Test Kits, Dive Computer Changes, CCR Minimum Standards
February 2005 Training Schedule, Medical History Forms, T.R.I. Air Test Kits, FY '05 MDSB Action Items, Training Updates, New NDC Staff Member
January 2005/ December 2004 Training Schedule, Periodic Medical Testing, MPIC Class, Lionfish Deco Diving, New DMT's
November 2004 Training Schedule, Winter Dive Tips, T.R.I. Test Kits, Contaminated Water, Authorization Notices
October 2004 Training Schedule, Annual Reports, Observer Divers, Pearl and Hermes?


Issue Month Features
Volume 4, Number 15 September 2004 Training Schedule, Annual Reports, SEP Update Letters, Black Coral Diving, MPIC/DMT Information
Volume 4, Number 14 August 2004 Training Schedule, New Workshop, New Corps Dive Orders, NOAA DMO, New NDC Employee, Updating Physicals
Volume 4, Number 13 July 2004 Training Schedule, New Workshop, MPIC-DMT Course, NOAA DMT Shines
Volume 4, Number 12 June 2004 Training Schedule, T.R.I. Test Kits, New Chamber, New Working Divers, New Divemasters, Seal in Distress
Volume 4, Number 11 May 2004 Training Schedule, Scientific Diver Exam 1.2b, MBNMS Divemaster needed, T.R.I. Test Kits, Officer Dive Pay, NDC Personnel Change, In Memorium - Michael X. Bergin
Volume 4, Number 10 April 2004 Training Schedule, List of US and International Chambers, Unit Dive Inspection, Updating Personnel Files, Other Dive Related Events
Volume 4, Number 9 March 2004 Training Schedule, T.R.I. Test Kits, Reporting Injuries, Annual Refresher Training, American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) Conference, Rebreather Class Graduates, Unit Diving Inspections, Annual Medical History Reports
Volume 4, Number 8 January/February 2004 Training Schedule, T.R.I Test Kits, Periodic Medical Testing, New NDC Staff, Working Diver Course and Divemaster Course Graduates, Annual Medical History Reports Forms, Unit Diving Inspections
Volume 4, Number 7 December 2003 Training Schedule, NDSB Meeting Notes, DMT Prep Course and DMT Advanced Course Graduates, T.R.I. Test Kits, Commissioned Officer Dive Pay
Volume 4, Number 6 November 2003 Training Schedule, NOAA Diving Safety Board (NDSB) Meeting, Physicans Diving and Hyperbaric Training Class, Chamber Dedications, Divers Safety Whistle
Volume 4, Number 5 October 2003 Training Schedule, New Electronic FAX numbers, Cardiac Stress Tests, Visit by Hong Kong Fire Service, Working Class Diver Graduates
Volume 4, Number 4 September 2003 Training Schedule, Returning Dive Gear, TRI Test Kits, DMT Training, Dive Accident Survey, USCG Trains at NDC, DMT Prep and DMT Course Overview, New OPS Manager
Volume 4, Number 3 August 2003 Training Schedule, Seeking Medical Treatment, DMT Prep and DMT Course Overview, Public Safety Diving Grads, TRI Test Kits
Volume 4, Number 2 July 2003 Training Schedule, Reporting Injuries, TRI Test Kits, Computer User Agreement, NDP Video, NOAA Science Camp, Diving Safety Bulletin
Volume 4, Number 1 June 2003 New FDO, EMT Course Change, TRI Test Kits, Working Diver Class, Logging Dives, Divemaster Class
Volume 3, Number 30 May 2003 NDC Staff Addition, Diving Survey, Keeney Visit, NOAA Diving Regs, Exercise and Diving
Volume 3, Number 29 April 2003 NDC Staff Addition, Rebreather Update, Diving Class Pictures, NOAA Diver ID Cards, Cert Cheat Sheet, Luxfer Cylinder Update, Diving Survey
Volume 3, Number 28 March 2003 NDC Staff, Scheduled Training, NDP Strategic Plan, Unit Diving Inspections, Annual Medical History, NDSB Meeting
Volume 3, Number 27 February 2003 New NMFS LODO, Tri Test Kits, Unit Diving Inspections, Annual Medical History, Slate Article, UI Conference, January Dive Class
Volume 3, Number 26 December 2002 Retiring LODO, Tri Test Kits, NDC Staff, Annual Medical History, Annual Training, cont
Volume 3, Number 25 November 2002 Medical Update, Annual Report, Annual Training, Inspection Checklists, Tri Test Kits
Volume 3, Number 24 October 2002 In Memorium, SEP Assessment Letters, September WD Class, Enter Those Dive Logs, Annual Report, Cold or Arduous Diving, Call for Diving Photos, Roster Review
Volume 3, Number 23 September 2002 EMT CBT, Annual Report, FY 2003 Dive Orders, Call for Diving Photos, Dry Suit Testing II
Volume 3, Number 22 August 2002 EMT CBT, Dry Suit Testing, Tri Test Kits, FY 2003 Dive Orders, SEP Equipment Inventory, DMT Course in American Samoa
Volume 3, Number 21 July 2002 Tri Test Kits, Dive Computer Purchase, Incident Report Form, Rinsing Dive Equipment, Observer Divers, SEP Equipment Inventory
Volume 3, Number 20 June 2002 Tri and Elder Valve Test Kits, Chest X-Rays, Drager Chamber, Dive Computer Update, Observer Divers, SEP Equipment Inventory
Volume 3, Number 19 May 2002 Updated Diving Regs, Medical Problems, Elder Valve and Tri Test Kits, Alt. Air Source and Dive Computer Update, Oxygen Kit Use
Volume 3, Number 18 April 2002 "Stellar" Captures, Alt. Air Source Update, Dive Equipment Inventory, Flying After Diving
Volume 3, Number 17 March 2002 Computer Questionaire, Topside Distribution, Diving Manual Corrections, USCG Diving Regulations, Field Operations, Alternate Air Sources, NDC Web Site/Database
TOPSIDE Newsletters listed below are in HTML format.
Volume 3, Number 16 February 2002 Tri Test Kits, Dive Locker Inspections, Annual Medical History, NDSB Meeting, Diver's Handbook, USCG & OSHA Diving Regulations, Dry Suits and BC's, Observer Divers, Dive Computers, Alternate Air Sources, Yearly Refresher Training, CC Rebreathers
Volume 3, Number 15 Dec/Jan 2001/2002 Annual Report, Tri Test Kits, New NDP Website, Scientific Diver Exam 2.1, EMT/DMT, Your NDMRB
Volume 3, Number 14 November 2001 SEP Assessment Letters, New Staff Member, Dive Computer Update, Scientific Diver Exam 2.1, Annual Report, Tri Test Kits, New NDP Website, Officer Dive Pay
Volume 3, Number 13 October 2001 NDP Website Update, SEP Assessment Letters and Enrollment Fee, September WD Class, Divelocker Inspections, Annual Report, Dive Physical Cnanges
Volume 3, Number 12 September 2001 Departing NDC, FY 2002 Orders, Dive Computer Update, Call for Diving Photos, Rebreather Update, Annual Report, Exercise and Diving
Volume 3, Number 11 August 2001 FY 2002 Orders, Dive Computer Update, Roster Checks, Ship Divemasters
Volume 3, Number 10 July 2001 Dive Computer Update, UDS Database Info, Tri Test Kits, Environmental Hero, Rebreather Update
Volume 3, Number 9 June 2001 New Diver Addition, Dive Computer Update, Rebreather Testing, Tri Test Kits, Database Info, EMT/DMT Training, NDC Website Update
Volume 3, Number 8 May 2001 Dive Computer Testing, Tri Test Kits, May Classes, Electronic Dive Log Instructions
Volume 3, Number 7 April 2001 NOAA Diver's Handbook, Scientific Divemasters, Dive Computer Testing, New NOAA Dive Manual, New Diving Regulations, Dive Logs
Volume 3, Number 6 March 2001 UDS Seminar, Diver's Handbook, Unit Diving Records, Proficiency Diving, NDSB, Dive Logs, Inoculations
Volume 3, Number 5 February 2001 New NOAA Dive Manual, Annual Report, New Staff, Roster Update, Tri Air Testing, Dive Logs, New Diver ID Cards
Volume 3, Number 4 December 2000 New Roster, SEP Issues, TRI Air Testing, Elder Valve Test Kit, Physical Exams
Volume 3, Number 3 November 2000 SEP Issues, Annual Reports, Refresher Training, Dive Log Update, Scientific Dive Exam, Bottom Time Reporting
Volume 3, Number 2 October 2000 SEP Issues, Physical Exams, FY2001 Dive Orders, Sept 2000 Dive Class
Volume 3, Number 1 September 2000 Roster Medical Review, NDC Personnel Change, Physical Exams, UDS Meeting 2001, Elder Valve Test Kit
Volume 2, Number 18 August 2000 Roster Review, NDC Personnel Change, TRI Air Testing, SEP Assessment, UDS Meeting 2001, UDS Website
Volume 2, Number 17 July 2000 Roster Medical Review, Physical Clearance, TRI Air Testing, SEP Issues, Chamber Listings, FY2001 Dive Orders, NOAA Nitrox Tables
Volume 2, Number 16 June 2000 Roster Medical Review, Diving Logs, Equivalency Clarified, Elder Valve Test Kit, UDS Website, TRI Air Testing
Volume 2, Number 15 May 2000 Diving Proficiency, Equivalency Clarified, Elder Valve Test Kit, UDS Website, Drug Pollution
Volume 2, Number 14 April 2000 Diving Proficiency, Regulators Due, NOAA Diving History - HydroLab
Volume 2, Number 13 March 2000 Diving Proficiency, Regulators Due
Volume 2, Number 12 February 2000 NAUI Northwest Event, Oxygen Kit Inventory, Equipment Inventory, Tri Air Tests, Diver Website
Volume 2, Number 11 December 1999/
January 2000
Oxygen Kit Inventory, NOAA Diving History - MUS & T, Equipment Inventory, Tri Air Tests
Volume 2, Number 10 November 1999 Diving Safety Board, NOAA Diving History, Physician's Training, Luxfer Scuba Tanks, SEP Assessment
Volume 2, Number 9 October 1999 Safety Board Meeting, Flying After Diving, Dick Carlson, Luxfer Scuba Tanks
Volume 2, Number 8 September 1999 NOAA UDS Website, Oxygen Regulators, Monitor Expedition '99
Volume 2, Number 7 August 1999 Hepatitis Inoculations, NDC Website, Oxygen Regulator Recall, FY200 Dive Orders
Volume 2, Number 6 July 1999 Written Exams, Locker Inspections, TRI Air Testing, OSHA Interpretation, Monthly Dive Log, Reciprocity Diving
Volume 2, Number 5 June 1999 TRI Air Testing, Cylinder Inspections, Monitor Expedition, New NDP Logo
Volume 2, Number 4 May 1999 Defense Logistics Vendor Program, Dive Locker Inspection, Roster Review
Volume 2, Number 3 April 1999 Sustainable Seas, Project Instructions, Oxygen Cylinder Decals
Volume 2, Number 2 March 1999 Tri Air Testing, Scientific Tech Diving
Volume 2, Number 1 Jan / Feb 1999 New Diving Operations Manager, Regulator Exchange
Volume 1, Number 13 December 1998 NOAA Diving Safety Board, Dive Manual
Volume 1, Number 12 November 1998 Monitor Mission (Part V), Frank Wood
Volume 1, Number 11 October 1998 Monitor Mission (Part IV), Dave Dinsmore
Volume 1, Number 10 September 1998 Monitor Mission (Part III)
Volume 1, Number 9 August 1998 Monitor Mission (Part II), Cylinder Inspections
Volume 1, Number 8 July 1998 Monitor Mission (Part I)
Volume 1, Number 7 June 1998 Regional UDS Meetings, Inactive Divers, Monitor Project
Volume 1, Number 6 May 1998 SEP Equipment Update, Field Reports
Volume 1, Number 5 April 1998 Dive Locker Inspections, Purchasing Oxygen
Volume 1, Number 4 March 1998 Compressor Air Test, Dive Locker Inspections, Refresher Training
Volume 1, Number 3 February 1998 Scientific Certification, AAUS Reciprocity
Volume 1, Number 2 December 1997 Safety Board Meeting
Volume 1, Number 1 October 1997 J-Valve Requirements, Field Notes




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