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Contaminated Water Diving Reports

The following reports are Adobe PDF files. The numbers in parentheses after the title is the file size - some are quite large)

Training Divers for Blow-ups (460KB)

Biohazard Diving Operations, U.S. EPA Diving Safety Manual Appendix L (619KB)

Protection of Divers in Waters that are Contaminated with Chemicals or Pathogens, EPA Article (50KB)

A Survey of Diving Behavior and Accidental Water Ingestion among Dutch Occupational and Sport Divers to Assess the Risk of Infection with Waterborne Pathogenic Microorganisms (145KB)

Cancer Risks in Naval Divers with Multiple Exposures to Carcinogens, E. Richter (677KB)

Cancer Risk to Naval Divers Questioned, Richter rebuttal (104KB)

A 12 Step Program for Conducting a Preliminary Port and Waterway Risk Assessment and/or a Formal Risk Assessment (10.6 MB)

Actinomycetes, a Possible Hazard Encountered in Diving Operations (623 KB)

Bacterial Contamination of Divers During Training Exercises in Coastal Waters (867 KB)

Chemical Safety of U.S. Navy Diver's Breathing Gas Hoses (248 KB)

Diving in Polluted Waters (167 KB)

Equipment Innovations Cut Risks for Divers in Polluted Waters (356 KB)

Study to Identify Chemical and Biological Hazards to U.S. Navy Divers and Swimmers (2.09 MB)

Hidden Dangers - Contaminated Water Diving: The risks divers don't want to acknowledge (513 KB)

Diving in Contaminated Water Slide Show (8.2 MB)

Meeting the Challenge of Polluted Water Diving (374 KB)

Diving in Contaminated Water, 3rd Edition: Chemical and Biological Tests of Viking Dry Suits and Accessories (1.70 MB)

Resistence of Diving Suit Fabrics to Abrasion and Chemical Contamination through Abrasion (1.35 MB)

Evaluation of a Diver Cooling System for use with Personal Protective Equipment in Contaminated Water Diving (778 KB)

Microbial Hazards of Diving in Polluted Waters (9.66 MB)

Microbial Hazards Encountered by Divers in Polluted Waters: An Introduction (788 KB)

Biomechanical Assessment of MK 12 Dive System - NOAA Modification for Anti-Contaminant Use in Contaminated Water (863 KB)

Evaluation of the Integrity of the MK 21 Contaminated Water Diving System and of the Efficacy of Decontamination Procedures (543 KB)

The Role of Supercritical Cyrogenic Air in Diving in Warm, Chem/Bio Polluted Water Navy Experimental Diving Unit (408 KB)

Results from Contaminated Water Diving Workshop (41 KB)

Assessment of Advanced Personal Cooling Systems for Use with Chemical Protective Outer Garments (2.05 MB)

Positive Pressure Versus---Non-Positive Pressure (21 KB)

Protection of Divers in Waters that are Contaminated with Chemicals or Pathogens (49 KB)

Protozoa from Polluted Waters; Potential Human Pathogens (468 KB)

Survey of Current Best Practices for Diving in Contaminated Water USN NEDU (816 KB)

Guidance for Diving in Contaminated Waters USN (3.67 MB)

Development of Exposure Guidance for Warm Water Diving: Volume 1 - Physiology and Endurance (2.97 MB)

Development of Exposure Guidance for Warm Water Diving: Volume 2 - System for Investigation of Divers' Behavior at Depth and Special Operations Forces (SOF) Mission-Related Performance Measures (3.09 MB)

Pyridostigmine and Warm Water Diving Protocol 90-05: III Cognitive Performance Assessment (822 KB)



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