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Volume 3, Number 9, Page 2


June 2001


TRI dive compressor test kits will be mailed out the week of July 16 - 20. If this time frame does not work for your unit or ship, please contact Laurie Barber to arrange for a different test date. Kits that are not promptly returned to TRI are assessed an additional charge. This charge is passed directly to the ship or unit. end of article


Over one hundred NOAA divers have registered for online dive log submission. Logging your dives online has several advantages including real-time log submission versus monthly submission, and reduced administration (always a good thing). Following are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding online submissions:

  • Can logs be deleted after they are entered?
    Only by NDC. Individual divers cannot edit or delete their dive logs once they have been submitted. Double check your log information before hitting the “add log record” button, or the subsequent “OK” button. If you make a mistake that you want changed, please contact Sondra Huber.
  • If I do not dive during a month, should I submit a “no dive” online log for that month?
    No. Only submit logs for diving activity.
  • When should I fill in my online dive logs?
    After each dive day, at the beginning/end of each month, or anytime in between. Its up to you. After each dive day works well for me because then I don’t forget to log the dives...
  • Can my diver profile be updated or edited?
    Again, only by NDC. If information in your diver profile is incorrect, please contact Sondra Huber.
  • How do I print a copy of my online dive log records?
    You have two choices, both involving the print command on your web browser. You can print your summary dive log information (up to 10 logs/page) or individual dive records. When viewing either page, use the print command on your browser to print what you see.
Please contact LT Bill Cobb or Sondra Huber with any questions regarding online dive logs. end of article

It’s not too early to sign up for EMT-Basic training (Nov 26 - Dec 7, 2001) or Dive Medic Training (DMT)(Dec 10 - 15, 2001). Dive Medic Training is offered every two years and will not be held again until December 2003. EMT-Basic trainees will be given the opportunity to test for Washington State and National EMT certifications. Contact Laurie Barber if you are interested in attending either of these courses. end of article



The NDC website ( will undergo changes in the coming months. The NOAA Diving Program website and the Unit Diving Supervisor’s website ( will be integrated into one website. Currently they act as two separate sites that have a fairly obscure link. This should make navigation of the new site for needed information easier. Pictures, tables, and general information will also be updated on the new combined website. More information will follow as these changes take place. The updated website will still be the best source of the latest forms, regulations, class schedules and content, Topside archives, etc. end of article


Captain Craig Mclean, Surface Supply Refresher, NOAA Diving Center, June 2001.

Photograph of Captain Craig Mclean

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