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Volume 3, Number 8, Page 1


May 2001

Director - Dave Dinsmore, (206) 526-6705,
Operations Manager - Bill Cobb, (206) 526-6460,
Equipment Coordinator - Steve Urick, (206) 526-6223,
SEP Technician - Andrea Lim, (206) 526-6446,
Budget/Program Analyst - Laurie Barber, (206) 526-6695,
Office Automation Secretary - Sondra Huber, (206) 526-6623,
SEP Assistant - Lisa Glover, (206) 526-6446,
Fax - 206-526-6506
Website address -
Mailing Address -
NOAA Diving Center
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115


A contract has been let to Delta P to evaluate dive computers for use by NOAA divers. The steps in the process include: 1) Assemble a list of the most desired features based on input from NOAA divers, 2) determine which commercially available computers meet the criteria, 3) conduct manned and unmanned testing of the top computers that meet the criteria, and 4) determine which dive computer performed best during the tests.

As of now, Delta P has completed steps 1) and 2). The next step will be for the NOAA Diving Safety Board to decide which dive computers to test based on the information provided by Delta P. Once this is done, bench and field-testing will commence. Thanks to all those individuals that returned questionnaires - we will continue to provide details on this project as they become available. end of article


TRI dive compressor test kits will be mailed out the week of July 16 - 20. If this time frame does not work for your unit or ship, please contact Laurie Barber to arrange for a different test date . Kits that are not promptly returned to TRI are assessed an additional charge. This charge is passed directly to the ship or unit. end of article


Seventeen Working Diver candidates and eight Divemaster candidates successfully completed training May 18. Congratulations to all!! end of article


Please note changes to the dates of the January 2002 Working Diver and Divemaster courses. The new dates are January 14 - February 1, 2002, for the Working Diver course, and January 28 - February 1, 2002, for the Divemaster course. The training facilities at Key West were not available during the originally scheduled course dates.

There are still several training vacancies available for the September Working Diver and Divemaster courses. If your ship or unit is interested in sending a diver to either of the September courses, please contact Laurie Barber at NDC at your earliest convenience.

Dates for the August Working Diver Refresher course have been set from August 21 - 24. If your ship or unit has a diver that requires refresher training (lapse in diving activity one year or longer), please contact Laurie B.end of article

The following classes are scheduled for 2001:
Aug 21 - 24 Diver Refresher Seattle, WA
Sep 10 - 28 Working Diver Seattle, WA
Sep 24 - 28 Divemaster Seattle, WA
Nov 26 - Dec 7 EMT - Basic Seattle, WA
Dec 10 - 15 Dive Medic Trng Seattle, WA
2002 :
Jan 14 - Feb 1 Working Diver Key West, FL
Jan 28 - Feb 1 Divemaster Key West, FL
May 6 - 24 Working Diver Seattle, WA
May 20 - 24 Divemaster Seattle, WA

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