Volume 3, Number 5, Page 2


February 2001


The new dive roster has caused some confusion because of data entry errors and also the new format. Please continue to review the roster each month for errors in information on your divers. Contact Laurie Barber or Sondra Huber with corrections to roster information.
The due date for medical tests is different in format from the old style roster. Some due dates, especially that of the EKG or chest x-ray, may appear well into the future for younger divers. For instance, a 25 yo diver would not need a follow-up EKG until 2011 or chest x-ray until 2016. This information is probably correct, but in a different format then previously reported. If you have any questions or comments about the new roster, please contact the Dive Center.end of article


...and now your latest tip from the SEP folks:
""  First and second stage regulators, octopuses (if issued), pressure gauges and Uwatecs all need to be returned for annual service to NDC. Low pressure inflator whips (for BC’s or dry suits) and compasses should be removed and transferred to the replacement regulator. Divers will receive a replacement regulator, Uwatec, etc. and instruction sheet in the mail before they need to return their equipment requiring service. Please ensure the regulator, etc. requiring service is returned promptly to NDC. Also ensure all items requiring service are included and all items that need to be kept are removed.end of article


Tri Air test kits for your dive air compressor were mailed out to units in late January. If you did not receive a test kit and did not schedule a different test date with Laurie Barber, please contact NDC. To avoid late fees this test should be performed within a day or two of receipt of the test kit. Ensure all information requested is provided on the test forms with the kit or a retest may be required at a cost to the unit.end of article


Three updates on the submission of dive logs:
""  Electronic dive log submission is due to begin in the month of March. Divers will be able to log on to the NOAA Diver Database, gain access to their dive information via a password, and electronically enter their dive information for the month. Past dive logs (since October 2000) can be viewed at any time at this same web site. A diver need only submit an electronic dive log or paper dive log for each month’s dives, but not both. Detailed instructions will be sent to all divers explaining how to use this site.
""  All divers need to presently be using the new format dive log (dated 10/00) for submission to their UDS and NDC. All requested information must be filled out for all dives (current speed, visibility, lead diver, dive buddy, etc.). Old log formats will no longer be accepted by NDC. New logs may be printed from the “forms” section of the following web address: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the log sheet. This program can be downloaded free from their web site. Contact LT Cobb at NDC for a paper copy or an electronic copy in MS Excel.
""  To clarify what is entered on the new log sections “Divemaster/Lead Diver” and “Dive Buddy”. The first line should have the name of the topside Divemaster. If there is no topside Divemaster, than someone in the dive team (possibly yourself) needs to be designated as the “lead diver” and listed on the first line. The name of your buddy goes on the second line. It may be the same name as listed on the first line (unless that name is yours!). Only one buddy name should be included on the “Dive Buddy” line. Both sections should always have a name in them!end of article


New NOAA diver ID cards are being phased in. These cards resemble the front cover of the new dive manual and include the diver’s certifications (Working Diver, Scientific Diver, Nitrox, etc.) and date of original certification with NOAA. All newly certified divers are being issued these cards and cards will eventually be issued to all current divers.end of article

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