Volume 3, Number 5, Page 1


February 2001

Director - Dave Dinsmore, (206) 526-6705,
Operations Manager - Bill Cobb, (206) 526-6460,
Equipment Coordinator - Steve Urick, (206) 526-6223,
SEP Technician - Andrea Lim, (206) 526-6446,
Budget/Program Analyst - Laurie Barber, (206) 526-6695,
Office Automation Secretary - Sondra Huber, (206) 526-6623,
SEP Assistant - Lisa Glover, (206) 526-6446,
Fax - 206-526-6506
Website address -
Mailing Address -
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

The new NOAA dive manual is here...the new NOAA dive manual is here... The New NOAA Dive Manual (4th Edition) is finally here!! Its being sent out to all active NOAA divers who participate in the SEP program and should arrive sometime in February. If you are eligible and have not received one by the end of February, please contact Laurie Barber. Additional copies may be purchased from NTIS or Best Publishing (there are links from the NDP web site). These manuals retail for approximately $80 and have not yet been widely distributed so put your name in them and keep your eye on them! This manual was made possible by the efforts of many people inside and outside of NOAA. THANK YOU to all of the contributors! (Please note that Steve Urick is in the manual on page 5-5. There was some concern he would not be recognized.)end of article



The FY2000 NOAA Dive Program annual report has also been completed and is being distributed to the ships and individual dive units as well as lab directors, many program managers, and further up the line. Individual divers may view and print a copy of this four page report from the NDP web site. To everyone who contributed reports or photos for this publication...THANK YOU!! Participation by individual units in the form of detailed annual unit reports and photographs submitted to NDC are critical in making a report like this happen.end of article


There continues to be substantial interest in the April 30 - May 18 Working Diver and Divemaster classes. Please contact Laurie Barber as soon as possible if your unit has candidates for either course. Also, if you know of anyone interested in the refresher training scheduled for Mar 27 30 in Seattle, please have them contact NDC. Any NOAA diver who has not dove in the last 6 months and wants to become active again may need to attend this course. Any lapse in dive activity over 12 months requires refresher training.

The following classes are scheduled for 2001/2002:

Feb 27 - Mar 1UDS MeetingSeattle, WA
Mar 27 - 30Diver RefresherSeattle, WA
Apr 30 - May 18Working DiverSeattle, WA
May 14 - 18DivemasterSeattle, WA
Sep 10 - 28Working DiverSeattle, WA
Sep 24 - 28DivemasterSeattle, WA
Nov 26 - Dec 7EMT - BasicSeattle, WA
Dec 10 - 15Dive Medic TrngSeattle, WA
Jan 07 - 25, 02Working DiverKey West, FL
Jan 21 - 25, 02DivemasterKey West, FL
Please note that the further ahead classes are projected the more tentative their dates.end of article

Lisa Glover has joined the NDC staff as SEP Assistant. Lisa is working with Steve and Andrea at meeting your diving equipment needs. Lisa joins us from the NOAA Ship RONALD H. BROWN. end of article

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