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December 2000

Director - Dave Dinsmore, (206) 526-6705,
Operations Manager - Bill Cobb, (206) 526-6460,
Equipment Coordinator - Steve Urick, (206) 526-6223,
SEP Technician - Andrea Lim, (206) 526-6446,
Budget/Program Analyst - Laurie Barber, (206) 526-6695,
Office Automation Secretary - Sondra Huber, (206) 526-6623,
Fax - 206-526-6506
Website address -
Mailing Address -
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Enclosed with the December Topside you’ll find our “new look” Unit Diving Roster. This roster was created using the new diver database that is slowly being phased in. Some information still needs to be entered for the individual divers, so please bear with us with regard to incorrect or missing information. Dive log and physical examination information is being entered into the new database but there may be a greater delay in the roster reflecting this information. If divers no longer with your unit appear on your unit’s roster or divers in your unit are missing, please inform Sondra Huber at the Dive Center. Thank you for your patience! end of article



A couple of brief items from your friendly equipment department:
""  When returning dive gear to the Center, please include a note inside the box on top of the gear stating who’s equipment is being returned. This will help cut down on some of the confusion…
And for a very few divers:
""  The equipment you get is the equipment you’ve got…. All SEP issued equipment will be of good quality and good condition. It may not be brand new or the most recent model in our inventory but it will meet the above criteria. Issued equipment should work properly and fit reasonably well. Please do not request replacement equipment simply because its not the newest or the latest. If you have an equipment problem please contact Andrea Lim who will get you a replacement ASAP. end of article


Units with Diver and Divemaster candidates for the January Working Diver course are reminded to submit all required course forms (training request, physical, body composition, swim evaluation, and equipment measurement) ASAP. Units with all of their forms in….thank you! Please note the following changes to the 2001 class schedule. The “May” Working Diver course dates have changed to April 30 - May 18. The May Divemaster course has changed to May 14 - May 18. The March Diver Refresher course dates have been set at March 27 - 30. May 2001 Working Diver and Divemaster classes in Seattle are filling fast. Forms required to apply for any of these courses are available either by request or by visiting our website: Please contact Laurie Barber if your unit has candidates for either May course.

The following classes are scheduled for 2001 :

Jan 08 - 26 Working Diver Key West, FL
Jan 22 - 26 Divemaster Key West, FL
Feb 27 - Mar 1 UDS Meeting Seattle, WA
Mar 27 - 30 Diver Refresher Seattle, WA
Apr 30 - May 18 Working Diver Seattle, WA
May 14 - 18 Divemaster Seattle, WA
Sep 10 - 28 Working Diver Seattle, WA
Sep 24 - 28 Divemaster Seattle, WA
Nov 26 - Dec 7 EMT - Basic Seattle, WA
Dec 10 - 15 Dive Medic Trng Seattle, WA

Please note that the further ahead classes are projected the more tentative their dates. More information may be found on our website or contact Laurie Barber at NDC. end of article

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