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October 2000


Just a few reminders about often omitted items in the NOAA diving physical. Incomplete physicals add a lot of time to the physical review process and these delays can lead to a diver being “not authorized” for diving.

  1. Wrist Size - Required every time a physical is submitted. Used along with height measurement to determine maximum allowable weight.
  2. EKG Trace - When an EKG is required for a physical, a copy of the trace must be included with the completed physical.
  3. CBC Results - Required every time a physical is submitted. CBC (blood) results must be transcribed in full, or a copy of the labs included (preferable).
  4. Vision - Required every physical. Distant and near vision test results must be transcribed.
  5. Signatures - Required every physical. Your physician/PA/NP must sign both the SF-88 (medical exam) and SF-93 (medical history). You also must sign the SF-93.
The above requirements and others are outlined in the Medical Evaluation for Diving Checklist that should accompany all physicals. End of Article

Some ships with NOAA Corps divers still need to submit a request for dive orders to NDC for these divers. Those units that have already submitted their requests to NDC....your divers will be very happy next pay period! Please submit your requests, if you have not already, to Laurie Barber ASAP, including each person’s rank, full name, and SSN. End of Article

"Lincoln's Secret Weapon"

A Nova special on the “daring effort to recover artifacts” from the USS MONITOR will air on PBS October 24, 9 pm ET. The MONITOR is a NOAA National Marine Sanctuary and the filming of this special was done in 1998 during joint efforts by NOAA and the U.S. Navy to salvage artifacts from this site. End of Article


On September 29, 11 persons successfully completed NOAA Working Diver Training and an additional 5 persons completed NOAA Divemaster Trainng. Congratulations! (See picture below) End of Article

September 2000 Working Diver Class

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