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Volume 3, Number 13, Page 2


October 2001


Seventeen divers successfully completed the September 2001 Working Diver course. An additional 6 dive supervisors successfully completed Divemaster training. In addition to NOAA, divers from the USCG, US Customs, State of Alaska, Seattle PD, King County Sheriff’s Department, and Renton Fire participated in the training. Congratulations to all!!! End of Article


Included in this mailing is an annual Diving Safety Inspection Checklist. This inspection checklist allows units to inspect their own dive locker, noting and correcting any deficiencies. This checklist must be completed by all units, subunits, and ships, and be submitted to your LODO/FDO no later than January 10, 2002. LODO’s should review the inspection, help to correct any deficiencies, and forward the reports to NDC by January 30. End of Article


Annual report forms were mailed to all ships and dive units during the month of September. A reminder that completed reports are due to a unit’s LODO or the ship FDO by October 15, 2001 .
    NMFS LODO - Ian Workman, Pascagoula, MS
    NOS LODO - Bill Valley, Key Largo, FL
    OAR LODO - Jules Craynock, Miami, FL
    OMAO FDO - LT Bill Cobb, Seattle, WA
LODOs should submit their own summary report along with the individual unit reports by November 01, 2001 . These reports are very important for documenting NOAA Diving Program activities and are used to create the NDP Annual Report. The more detail that is included in the reports, the more likely your unit and divers will be included in the NDP Annual Report. It is an excellent opportunity to get wide spread exposure for your unit and their diving activities (especially if accompanied by a few photos!).
UDSs with off-site sub-units should include diving activities of their sub-units in their own report, or make a copy of the attached report (or get it off the web) and designate a diver in each sub-unit to complete it. End of Article


As you are probably already aware, major changes to the NDP dive physical requirements went into effect October 1. These changes are a direct result from the input of many medical experts in the diving field on what frequency physicals should be conducted, and what testing they should contain. New diving medical forms have also been created to better address these new medical requirements. Included in this mailing is NOAA Diving Safety Bulleting #02-01 which lists all new medical requirements along with copies of the new physical forms. This information and the new forms will also be available on the new NDP website. Below is additional information that will assist in this transition.
•   Forms - All dive physicals must include the following forms:
   NF 56-57 NDP Medical Evaluation Checklist
   NF 56-58 ND Medical History Report or SF-93
   NF 56-60 ND Medical Evaluation Report or SF-88
   Body Composition Screening Form
Wage Marines and NOAA Corps Officers MUST use forms SF-88 and SF-93. All forms are available upon request from NDC, from your UDS, or on the new NDP website (soon!).
•   Frequency - The due date of your next physical will be listed on the monthly unit roster and is listed under the diver profile section of the online log. A formula is applied to all divers transitioning from one age based frequency to another to determine when their next physical is due. Otherwise, frequencies are as listed in Bulletin #02-01. Worth noting is that all medical test frequencies coincide with the primary dive physical.
•   Annual Medical History - NF 56-59 ND Annual Medical History Report will be required from all divers under age 60 every year by March 01.
•   Initial vs. Periodic - All current NOAA divers will need to meet the testing requirements outlined under “periodic re-examination” at the time of their next physical. All new diver candidates must meet the testing requirements outlined under “initial examination”.
Contact LT Bill Cobb if you have any questions regarding these new medical standards. End of Article

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