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Volume 3, Number 13, Page 1


October 2001

Director - Dave Dinsmore, (206) 526-6705,
Operations Manager - Bill Cobb, (206) 526-6460,
Equipment Coordinator - Steve Urick, (206) 526-6223,
SEP Technician - Vacant
Budget/Program Analyst - Laurie Barber, (206) 526-6695,
Office Automation Secretary - Sondra Huber, (206) 526-6623,
SEP Assistant - Lisa Glover, (206) 526-6446,
Fax - 206-526-6506
Website address -
Mailing Address -
NOAA Diving Center
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115-0070


Training slots are still available for the November/December EMT and Dive Medic (DMT) courses. Applications for these courses will be accepted until November 1, 2001. The January Working Diver and Divemaster training courses are already overflowing with candidates. Every effort will be made to fairly assign available training slots to the different line offices and OMAO. Please contact Laurie Barber if you have any questions about or would like to sign up for one of these training classes.End of Article

The following classes are scheduled for 2001:
Nov 26 - Dec 7 EMT - Basic Seattle, WA
Dec 8 EMT CBT Seattle, WA
Dec 10 - 15 Dive Medic Seattle, WA
2002 :
Jan 14 - Feb 1 Working Diver Key West, FL
Jan 28 - Feb 1 Divemaster Key West, FL
Apr 29 - May 17 Working Diver Seattle, WA

Work is nearly complete on a newly updated NOAA Diving Program website. This new website format will have a much different look, combine the NDP website with Unit Diving Supervisorís website, be more user friendly and (hopefully) useful, and contain much updated material. More to follow as these changes near completion and the new website is launched. End of Article


Annual Standardized Equipment Program (SEP) letters will be mailed to each UDS the middle of October. Unit Diving Supervisors are requested to carefully review these letters, comment on any inaccuracies, and mail or fax these letters back to NDC. All units will be assessed for divers in possession of SEP equipment and/or NOAA employees actively diving for the unit during FY2001. Divers will be charged one half or all of the assessment fee depending upon their diving activity and equipment possession during the previous fiscal year. These monies go towards the replacement of diving gear and the purchase of new diving gear. End of Article


The SEP has experienced a serious financial strain due to a significant increase in the number of NOAA personnel being certified to dive during the past three years and the high retention rate of current divers. As a result, an initial SEP enrollment fee has been implemented October 1, 2001. In addition to the annual SEP assessment charged to all NOAA divers, an initial SEP charge of $400 will be levied to all newly certified NOAA divers. This one-time enrollment fee will help cover initial equipment costs of a full set of dive gear issued to newly certified divers. Prompt payment of this fee is expected (within 60 days) or a divers certification may be revoked. End of Article

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