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Volume 3, Number 10, Page 2


July 2001


Unit Diving Supervisors can now view dive log and diver profile (status, certification level, certification dates, physical dates, etc.) information online for divers in their units. A UDS can view this information by doing the following:

  1. Log on as usual at
  2. In the lower half of the Main Menu screen under “UDS Options” choose a name from the pull down list of divers in your unit.
  3. Choose “Logs” or “Profile” and toggle the “View” button.
  4. All logs entered in the new database can be viewed in summary or detail for each diver listed.
  5. All diver profile information can be viewed.
  6. To return to the main menu mouse click “back” or “menu”, whichever is listed.


  • Diver profile and log information cannot be changed by the UDS.
  • Only the UDS can view records for divers in their unit.
  • If a diver is listed as “Not Authorized” in their diver profile, click on “Not Authorized” for a pop-up window with the reason why.End of Article

Example of UDS Log-in screen:

Screen shot of UDS log-in screen

It’s not too early to sign up for EMT-Basic training (Nov 26 - Dec 07, 2001) or Dive Medic Training (DMT) (Dec 10 - 15, 2001). Dive Medic Training is offered every two years and will not be held again until December 2003. EMT-Basic trainees will be given the opportunity to test for Washington State and National EMT certifications. Contact Laurie Barber if you are interested in attending either of these courses. End of Article



TRI dive air compressor test kits have been mailed out. After the test kit has arrived, please promptly perform the test and mail the kit back to TRI. Contact Laurie Barber if you do not receive a test kit (and should) or have any questions about this process. End of Article



Robert Michelson, a professional photographer, videographer, and volunteer NOAA Scientific Diver for the Stellwagen Bank dive unit, was named an “Environmental Hero” by NOAA. Mr. Michelson received this award for his continued work associated with the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Congratulations to Robert. End of Article



And now your latest update on rebreathers... Dudley Crosson of Delta P, the contractor tasked with assisting NOAA in identifying rebreather units for NOAA use, has submitted a selection process report to the Director, NDP. This report addresses: 1) desired rebreather features and capabilities as identified by NOAA diving supervisors, 2) what commercially available rebreathers best meet these parameters and what features these units have, and 3) company stability, quality assurance/control, and previous testing of the unit. This report has been submitted to NOAA Dive Safety Board members (Ian Workman/NMFS, Bill Valley/NOS, Jules Craynock/OAR, and LT Bill Cobb/OMAO) for review and discussion. After review by the Safety Board, the next step in this selection process will be determined. End of Article


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