Volume 2, Number 8, Page 2


September 1999


This year’s expedition to the MONITOR National Marine Sanctuary took place Aug 01-26, 1999. The expedition was a collaborative effort represented by MONITOR NMS, NOAA Diving Center, NURC/UNCW, the Cambrian Foundation, the Mariner’s Museum and the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. Dives were conducted from UNCW’s R/V CAPE FEAR. During the first week of the project, NURC and NOAA personnel performed work-up dives in preparation for dives to the MONITOR. During the second week, Cambrian Foundation members joined the expedition and dives to the wreckage commenced. Dives conducted used technical scuba equipment with NOAA Trimix 18/50 (18% oxygen, 50% Helium, and balance nitrogen). Intermediate and shallow decompression stops were performed using NOAA NITROX 36% and 100% oxygen. A NOAA double-lock recompression chamber was stationed at the US Coast Guard Station at Cape Hatteras Inlet for treatment of any diving related accidents. Dr. Michael Ott, a NOAA UHMS trained hyperbaric physician served as DMO during the project. A total of 138 man-dives were conducted with 55 dives to the MONITOR, with no diving related accidents or injuries during the expedition. All mission objectives were accomplished including: CP (corrosion potential) testing of the wreck’s turret and hull, placement of anodes for corrosion protection of the wreck, video and still camera documentation, small artifact recovery, excavation outside of the turret to determine the presence of a rifle shield, placement of a current meter next to the wreck, and testing of a diver-operated air-lift and small tethered video camera.End of Article


The NOAA Diving Center is delegated the task of issuing yearly Dive Orders for NOAA Corps officers assigned to AMC and PMC. NOAA Corps Officers must have current dive orders to be receive dive pay. Therefore, commands must indicate those divers subject to dive order renewal so that dive pay is not interrupted. Commands, if they have not already done so, are to forward a list of all officers, (including rank and SSN), by September 27.End of Article




Inspection reports remain overdue from the following NOAA labs, units and vessels. OAR AOML, OAR PMEL, NOS AHP, NOS ARO, NOS MB, Channel Islands NMS, Gray’s Reef NMS, OCRM HQ, Florida Keys NMS. Monterey Bay NMS, Olympic Coast NMS. NOAA Ship’s GORDON GUNTER, DELEWARE II, MILLER FREEMAN, McARTHUR, RUDE and National Weather Service Honolulu. Supervisors designated for those listed should recognize that the need to take action in performing the annual safety inspection as this is not an item of convenience but required by the NOAA Diving regulations. Results are to be forwarded to the respective Line Office Diving Officer or to LT Hoshlyk at the NOAA Diving Center.End of Article


With the approach of the end of FY1999, annual operational reports are due from NOAA diving units. Please complete these reports by October 31, forwarding the information to your respective LODO with a copy to NDC. The annual report form is also found on the UDS website in the FORMS section. Information provided is used in the NDP Annual Report.End of Article

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