Volume 2, Number 7, Page 1


August 1999


A recent inquiry regarding the need for Hepatitis inoculations stemmed from a physician who recommended that diver receive Hepatitis A and B vaccinations. This inquiry prompted consultation with Capt. Tom Fhares, USPHS, Executive Secretary NOAA Diving Medical Review Board and Nir Barnea of NOAA’s Hazardous Materials and Response Division. Both agree that both Hepatitis A & B inoculations are recommended, especially for NOAA Divers that dive in water of questionable quality. Per Tom Fahres "All divers in order to be protected should have the complete set of both vaccines." Hepatitis A is a greater risk for diver in polluted water, since its source is mostly sewer, while Hepatitis B infection comes from contact with blood or other virally infected body fluids. It is therefore advised that anyone in a position to provide medical care to a bleeding person should receive both the Hepatitis A and B vaccinations. End of Article



Please review the enclosed roster which reflects the records at NDC for the date of print. In order to keep the program running safely and efficiently inactive/terminated divers are to return SEP equipment or resolve their status to active as soon as possible. Units are assessed SEP charges for inactive divers who remain in possession of gear. Note that FY 2000 SEP assessments will be compiled in September. Please annotate and return a copy of the roster indicating any changes to personnel certifications or diver status. Diver certifications will be suspended when a physical has expired or when diving activity has lapsed for six months. Divers interested in upgrading their certification level must submit requests through their respective UDS and LODO. End of Article



Currently, improvements are being made to the NOAA Diving website that will make policy, regulations, and forms accessible to NOAA Diving supervisors in the field. The intent of this on-line handbook is to improve access to essential information resources thereby increasing the knowledge and efficiency of divers and supervisors in the field. End of Article


The next Working Diver class is scheduled for September 1999 in Seattle. Interested NOAA Units must have enrolled candidates, for this training, prior to August 13th deadline. The Divemaster class scheduled for September 27 - Oct 01 has been cancelled and replaced by a Working Diver Refresher. Individuals who are considering returning to active diving status and have not dove for more than one year, must attend a four day refresher class – the next will be offered in Feb 2000. The following training classes are scheduled through January 2000:

Sep 13 - Oct 1 Working Diver Seattle, WA
Sep 26 VCI Seattle, WA
Sep 27 - Oct 1 Refresher Training Seattle, WA
Oct 18 – 29 Physicians Training Seattle, WA
Nov 1 – 13 EMT Seattle, WA
Nov 15 – 20 Diver Med Tech Seattle, WA
Jan 10 - 28, 2000 Working Diver Key West, FL
Jan 23 VCI Key West, FL
Jan 24 - 28 Divemaster Key West, FL

For more information contact Laurie Barber at (206) 526-6695 or at Note that the training dates for FY 2000 are tentative, and are provided to assist advanced planning. New course fees have also been set for NON-NOAA personnel taking NDC training. End of Article

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