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June 1999


NDC has a Visual Plustm non-destructive thread tester which uses electrical currents to detect imperfections (cracks) in the threads of aluminum SCUBA cylinders. Of the over one hundred (100) cylinders tested at NDC, the Visual Plus unit identified 14 tanks with questionable threads. Upon examination of these 14 cylinders, only 7 had cracks visible to the naked eye. The cylinders were returned to Luxfer who affirmed our findings and replaced the damaged tanks. Currently, NDP VCI policy does not require Visual Plus testing, however, if you are having your cylinders inspected by a Dive shop, we recommend that you include this testing with the basic inspection. Luxfer will replace any tank that fails the Visual Plus examination. For additional information on the Visual Plus unit, contact Steve Urick at (206) 526-6223.End of Article


Dive locker inspections are now due. Units and vessels are to submit completed evaluations to their respective LODO.End of Article


NDC recently completed the training of 6 NOAA and 12 Non-NOAA Working Divers. NOAA Personnel represented the National Marine Mammal Lab, the NOAA fleet, and NOS. Non-NOAA attendees included representatives from USGS, USFW, EPA, USCG, Seattle and Renton Fire Departments and Seattle Police’s Harbor Patrol. (photo below)End of Article

May Working Diver Class
(Click for larger image)

Plans are well underway for this year’s expedition to Monitor National Marine Sanctuary. Research goals include site mapping, photography, assessment of the lower hull, machinery spaces and turret, excavation in the base of the turret and small artifact recovery. Collaborating on the effort are NDC, NMSP, NURC in Wilmington, NC, the Cambrian Foundation and the Mariner’s Museum, Newport News, VA.

Dates for the operation are August 9-26, 1999, with re-qualification “work-up” dives August 3-7. Last year, as you may recall, the expedition was successful in recovering the vessel’s propeller.End of Article


NDC recently commissioned design of a new logo for the NOAA Diving Program. Designed by Danny Frolich and digitally enhanced by D&D Design, both of Destin, Florida, the logo depicts the two major types of diving performed by NOAA personnel; scientific and commercial. The logo is available in color, black and white, and gray scale formats. Logo use is for promotional items (hats, patches, shirts and stickers) and various printed materials (reports, curricula, brochures). The logo is available for similar use by NOAA units. End of Article

New NDC Logo

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