Volume 2, Number 4


May 1999


NOAA Diving is assisting the development of the Defense Logistics Agency/Defense Industrial Supply Center (DLA/DISC) Marine Lifesaving and Diving Initiative Prime Vendor Program. The goal of this innovative supply chain initiative is to provide a wide range of items and services at reduced costs, along with improved logistical response and increased customer satisfaction. Some of the items supplied via this program include:

Compressors and Filtration Systems
Rigging and Survival Equipment
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Tools
Gas Analysis Hoses, Valves and Couplings
Gauges and Indicators
Cutting and Welding Rods

Customer Liaisons from DLA will be contacting each unit introducing the program. This program, complementary to the SEP, should provide competitive savings for units looking purchase items not offered by the SEP.End of Article


Please review the enclosed roster which reflects the records at NDC for the date of print. Please either annotate and return fax a copy of the roster or send an email referencing any changes to personnel status. Inactive or Not-Authorized divers must either return SEP equipment or resolve their status immediately. Units will continue to be assessed SEP charges for inactive and/or terminated divers who are in possession of gear. Diver certifications will be suspended when a physical has expired or when there is a six month lapse in diving activity. End of Article


A copy of the Annual Dive Locker Inspection Checklist is included with this month’s roster. Units that have not already completed their annual inspection report must complete and submit results to their respective Line Office Diving Officer. End of Article


The anticipated release date for the 4th edition of the NOAA Diving Manual is in Fall 1999. All Active Authorized NOAA Divers will receive a copy at no cost when they become available. End of Article


Currently, NDC is conducting the May Working Diver class. The September Working Diver class has ten slots available. Please contact NDC if you have any candidates for upcoming training. Individuals who are returning to active diving status and have not dove for more than one year, must attend a refresher class. The following training classes are scheduled through December 1999:

May 3 - 21 Working Diver Seattle, WA
May 15 NITROX Seattle, WA
May 16 VCI & First Aid Seattle, WA
May 17 - 21 Divemaster Seattle, WA
May 17 - 21 Refresher Training Seattle, WA
Sep 13 - Oct 1 Working Diver Seattle, WA
Sep 25 NITROX Seattle, WA
Sep 26 VCI & First Aid Seattle, WA
Sep 27 - Oct 1 Divemaster Seattle, WA
Nov 1 – 12 EMT – Basic Seattle, WA

Please contact Laurie Barber at (206) 526-6695 for course information and scheduling. End of Article

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