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April 1999


This month’s issue relays exciting new developments, trends and research in and around the Diving Program. Interest in training programs is increasing and classes are filling up months in advance. Diving research by innovative and time tested means are in development or at fruition. Redesign of the NDP web-site as well as editing of the 4th edition of the NOAA Diving Manual are well underway. Our goal is to provide these resources to you as soon as construction and review are complete.End of Article
LT Michael J. Hoshlyk -


The May Working Diver class is full. Any interest in attending the Working Diver Training will be referred to the September 99 class. Units or vessels interested in reserving a slot for candidates must do so before course enrollment deadlines, which are typically, 6 weeks prior to the start of the class. Individuals who are considering returning to active diving status and have not dove for more than one year, must attend a refresher class. For more information contact Laurie Barber at 206/526-6695 or at The following training classes to be held in Seattle, WA @ NDC are scheduled through December 1999:

May 3 - 21 Working Diver
May 16 VCI & First Aid
May 17 - 21 Divemaster
Sep 13 - Oct 1 Working Diver
Sep 27 - Oct 1 Divemaster
Oct 18 – 29 UHMS Physicians
Nov 1 – 12 EMT – Basic
Nov 15 – 19 Diving Med Tech

Please review the enclosed roster which reflects the records at NDC for the date of print. Please either annotate and return fax a copy of the roster or send an email referencing any changes to personnel status. Inactive or Not-Authorized divers must either return SEP equipment or resolve their status immediately. Units will continue to be assessed SEP charges for inactive and/or terminated divers who are in possession of gear. Diver certifications will be suspended when a physical has expired or when there is a six month lapse in diving activity. End of Article



In order to enhance NDC’s knowledge of field operations, it is asked that field units provide, as a courtesy, science plans and other related project information. This will aid the Diving Center in improving diving operation support. For project instructions involving diving activities being staged off of NOAA Ships, this office must be included in the distribution list. By being able to assist in the planning and review of diving activities we can ensure compliance with NOAA procedures and standards and improve safety. End of Article



NDC recently received a copy of the 1999 Hyperbaric Chamber registry from UHMS. The listing contains chambers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico. Units interested in receiving a listing pertaining to their area should contact NDC. End of Article

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