Volume 2, Number 17, Page 2


July 2000


SCUBA and SCBA compressor air test kits will be sent to units in July. Air tests are to be performed immediately. If you can not complete the test, promptly contact Laurie at (206) 526-6695 or, as delays in the process result in additional charges. Earlier this year, two kits received by units were lost. Each unit is held financially responsible for the loss to the tune of $600 for each kit. NOAA Compressors are currently scheduled for purity testing every six months. Kits are typically mailed in January and July, unless you are on an alternate plan. Contact NDC, in advance, if you are unable to test at designated times. More information about TRI air testing program may be found at End of Article


+   Equipment and annual service is scrutinized and delayed if lapses are found in physicals and diving activity. A diver without a current physical will not be sent annual replacements until their physical is brought up to date as indicated on the Unit Roster.

+   All NOAA Divers who are issued AGA masks are to email the serial number(s) of the AGAs in their possession to Steve Urick @ so that NDC may perform a service inventory check. AGAs, like standard two stage regulators, must have annual service performed by a qualified repair technician. Rubber parts deteriorate even in an unused, properly cared for AGA. When AGA masks are returned, send only the AGA mask and whip. The first stage is not to be returned unless due for service.

+   Reminder – before sending back regulators for annual service be sure to remove attached BCD or drysuit inflator whips and console compass. End of Article


NDC has the 2000 Hyperbaric Chamber registry from UHMS. The listing contains chambers in the United States, Caribbean, Chile, Canada, and Mexico. NOAA units interested in receiving an updated listing should contact NDC and provide a specific request list of the coverage area(s) needed for unit/vessel operations End of Article


The NOAA Diving Center is delegated the task of issuing yearly Dive Orders for NOAA Corps officers assigned to the OMAO Marine Centers on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. NOAA Corps officers must have dive orders to receive dive pay. Therefore, commands are to provide NDC with a listing of officers who will have their dive orders renewed for FY2001. Renewal requests are to be made as soon as possible so that dive pay is not interrupted. Commands are asked to provide a list of all officers (including their rank, full name and SSN), needing dive orders, no later than September 12, 2000, to Copies will be returned to commands that request them. If there are any questions contact LT Hoshlyk at End of Article


NDC has distributed four Elder Valve test kits throughout NOAA’s diving units. After receiving the kit, follow the instructions enclosed to perform a simple test on the oxygen kit’s Elder valve. After the test is completed, forward the results to NDC and the kit to the next unit on the enclosed Federal Express Mailer. After contact with the manufacturer and repair facility for the oxygen delivery equipment, NDC was instructed to perform periodic tests on the equipment versus overhauling the units every two years. All Elder valves not meeting the required performance specifications will be scheduled for service. Enclosed laminated testing instructions should reflect that the gauge tolerance range is 32-48 mm Hg. Values found within this threshold range do not require service. End of Article


The new NOAA NITROX decompression tables will be published in the long awaited 4th edition of the NOAA Diving Manual, developed in conjunction with BEST Publishing, that is expected to be released before the end of 2000. The new tables have expanded times at the 70 ft schedule on the NN36 tables and 110 ft schedule on the NN32. New times are based on EAD using the latest version of the USN air decompression tables. The decision to adjust these two depth ranges was based upon careful review by the NOAA Diving Safety Board with input from Dr. Morgan Wells (former NDP Director). End of Article

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