Volume 2, Number 12, Page 2


February 2000


The National Ocean Service (NOS) has launched a website for recreational diver use at The site offers links to various NOAA resources that may be of interest to or assist recreational divers in planning their sport dives. Information may be found pertaining to weather forecasts, tides, undersea critters and habitats. End of Article


Divers in possession of more than one Scubapro 1st and 2nd stage regulator assembly must return those additional regulators currently being retained. In order for the SEP to perform efficiently, regulator exchanges must proceed without delay. When replacement units are received, divers are to return units due for annual service without delay. Failure to return regulators will result in additional SEP assessment levied against your unit. It is the responsibility of the UDS and Divemaster to monitor diver compliance with these requirements. End of Article


AGA masks issued to units are required to be inspected and annually overhauled. Review of issue and repair status indicates that well over 50% of AGA’s issued are due for service. Enclosed with this month’s roster is a listing of divers possessing AGA’s requiring service. UDS's and Divemasters are to contact NDC to arrange replacement. A difficulty, regarding AGA repair, is attributed to the reduced availability of repair parts because of transitions occuring within the manufacturer and the supply chain of AGA parts. End of Article


Last month SEP inventories were distributed for divers at each unit. Supervisors are asked to assist your unit’s diving personnel in completing a thorough comparison and evaluation of gear issued. Divers are to legibly note any inventory discrepancies and request equipment in need of replacement. UDS/Vessel Divemasters are to gather and review all inventories and gear requests for completeness prior to submission to NDC. All divers issued gear must perform this inventory, returning results to NDC. End of Article


Last month an inventory checklist of items required for a complete NOAA/SEP Oxygen/First Aid Medic Kit was distributed. All vessels and units are to compare the equipment found in their issued kits with the required list and return the results to LT. Hoshlyk at NDC. NDC will order and distribute items requested once quantities are known. In early 2000, NDC will begin distributing an oxygen regulator and Elder Demand valve test kit as well as a program to recondition issued O2 regulators. End of Article


SCUBA and SCBA compressor air test kits will be sent to units in January. Units must complete the required tests immediately and return the kits to TRI. If you can not complete the test promptly you must contact Laurie at (206) 526-6695 or, as delays in the process result in additional charges. NOAA compressors are currently scheduled for purity testing every six months. Kits are typically mailed in January and July, unless you are on an alternate plan. End of Article


Annual Safety Inspection checklists will be distributed to Line Office Diving Officers, who will then distribute these checklists to their Units. Units are to return completed checklists to their LODOs who will then forward their analysis of the results to NDC. LODOs may also elect to perform on-site unit inspections. End of Article


Topside’s circulation is intended to reach all NOAA Divers. Unit Diving Supervisor’s and vessel Divemasters are mailed a monthly TOPSIDE and are to disperse the newsletter information to all diver’s under their jurisdiction. This may be accomplished by posting, distributing copies of the newsletter or directing personnel to the NDC website where TOPSIDE may be viewed on-line. The newsletter’s purpose is to improve communication and awareness within the NDP. Cooperation and compliance is needed. End of Article

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