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January/Februay 1999


The annual report was completed and mailed in January. Additional copies are available from NDC upon request.End of article


The revised NOAA diving regulations have been forwarded and we are awaiting final approval and issuance early this year.End of article


A message from Chris Cote to ALL NOAA Divers regarding regulator servicing and exchange procedures. Please read the following carefully. A regulator is an important piece of life support equipment and must be properly maintained. When a regulator is due for maintenance (as indicated on the roster by the asterisk in the REG MAINT column), Chris will put a regulator with matching first and second stage numbers, a pressure gauge and a new UWATEC bottom timer depth gauge in a box and ship it out to you. When you receive the serviced regulator, remove your LP whips, replacing the port plugs on the regulator due for service. Remove your compass and install on the newly received console. Review and sign the form enclosed in the shipment and PROMPTLY return the regulator with matching first and second stage serial numbers, pressure gauge and depth/bottom timer unit. If you have an octopus attached you must either send it back stating you also require your octopus to be serviced or indicate you need a replacement octopus shipped. DO NOT SEPARATE or SWAP 1st and 2nd Stage sets. They are matched sets and separating like numbers prevents the SEP from accurately tracking service and removes two regulators out of service until serial numbers are matched. Also, it is not your decision to keep the regulator due for service as a spare. Please comply with SEP procedures.End of article


LCDR Wood initiated regional UDS meetings in early January visiting several units in the Gulf states. The new Diving Supervisor Handbook has been re-written and addresses the new diving regulations and changes in operational policies. Included with the handbook is a CD-ROM with NDP forms and refresher training material. The handbook will be used by Line Office Dive Officers, Unit Diving Supervisors and ship Divemasters. Future web site enhancement during 1999 will also provide a source for these materials.

Additional regional meetings will be held to introduce the new handbook and outline the refresher training program. Future regional meetings will be scheduled and completed by the summer of 1999. NDC will contact you to arrange suitable times and locations.End of article


Bill Valley joins the NOAA Diving Safety Board as the NOS Line Office Diving Officer, succeeding CDR Alan Bunn. Bill has been a NOAA Diver since 1990, and the Diving Supervisor in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuaries. The safety of all NOAA diverís under his supervision and the excellent reputation of the NOAA Dive Program in the Florida Keys are due in part to Billís guidance and efforts. Welcome aboard Bill!End of article


Annual dive locker inspection results are now due. Please take the time to do a thorough inventory and assessment of the preparedness of your support equipment for the new year.End of article


SCUBA and SCBA compressor air test kits were sent to units in January. Please complete the required tests and return the kits to TRI without delay. If you can not complete the test promptly please contact Laurie @ 206/526-6695 as delays incur additional costs.End of article

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