Volume 1, Number 8, Page 1


July 1998


This months issue of TOPSIDE contains the first of several articles regarding the Monitor Expedition in 1998. This months article consist of the initial planning and organization of the expedition.

Compressor air test kits were sent to units in early July. Please complete the test and return the kit to TRI as soon as possible. Delays in completing the test and returning the kits incur additional costs. Please contact Laurie Barber at (206) 526-6695 if you can not complete your test promptly. Over sixty divers received certification suspension letters during the month. The majority have contacted NDC, provided requested information and have returned to active status. Several divers have not and must contact NDC by August 15, 1998. Individuals who have not responded by this date will be removed from active status.End of article

-LCDR  Frank Wood -


Several individuals are switching SEP equipment with other divers at there units. This practice is not allowed and must stop immediately. Every piece of SEP equipment is numbered and issued to a specific individual. When divers exchange equipment in the field, SEP records are compromised and equipment tracking becomes impossible. Each diver is responsible for the care, maintenance and security of his/her equipment. Individuals having equipment problems should contact their UDS who will forward any request to NDC for proper return and issuance of equipment. Failure to follow established procedures will incur increased unit costs due to missing equipment.End of article


Please review the enclosed roster which reflects the records at NDC for the date of print. Inactive/terminated divers are to return SEP equipment or resolve their status to active as soon as possible. Units will be assessed SEP charges for inactive divers who are in possession of gear. Please annotate and return a copy of the roster indicating any changes to personnel or diver status. Diver certifications will be suspended when a physical has expired or when diving activity has lapsed for six months.End of article


The next Working Diver class is scheduled for September of 1998. Please contact NDC if you have any candidates for this training. Individuals who are returning to active diving status and have not dove for more than six months, must attend a refresher class. If you would like a refresher class in your area, contact NDC for avalibility. The following training classes are scheduled through January 1999:

Sept 14 - Oct 2Working DiverSeattle, WA
Sept 27VCISeattle, WA
Sept 28 - Oct 2DivemasterSeattle, WA
Nov 29 - Dec 11EMTSeattle, WA
Jan 11 -29Working DiverKey West, FL
Jan 24VCIKey West, FL
Jan 25 - 29DivemasterKey West, FL

If you are interested in any of the above listed training, contact Laurie Barber at (206) 526-6695.End of article

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