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May 1998


Recently, a NOAA Divemaster completed a working dive which resulted in Type II (serious) decompression sickness. The good news was that the individual received prompt treatment and has completely recovered. The bad news was that when the incident was reviewed, the diver violated several sections of the diving regulations.

Several errors were made by the individual both before and during the dive. The diver was in unauthorized status, (13 weeks without a dive), and should have complete a requalification dive prior to beginning operations. The dive profile was outside of the Navy No-decompression limits (an unapproved decompression dive), and a dive computer was used during the dive. The other personnel involved with the dive were not NOAA certified nor under a reciprocity agreement and did not meet minimum NOAA requirements. The listed violations reflect extremely poor judgement and a total disregard for NOAA dive regulations, standards and operational protocols.

The individual was officially reprimanded and lost both Divemaster and Working Diver certifications. The diver is presently suspended but will be recertified as a Scientific diver, limited to a depth of 60ft, upon completion of a requalification program developed by the LODO/UDS. NOAA dive regulations and operational standards were developed for your safety and must be followed. Individuals deviating from prescribed standards will be reprimanded. End of article


The next Working Diver class is scheduled for September of 1998. Please contact NDC if you have any candidates for this training. Individuals who are returning to active diving status and have not dove for more than six months, must attend a refresher class. If you would like a refresher class in your area, contact NDC for avalibility. The following training classes are scheduled through January 1999:

Sept 14 - Oct 2Working DiverSeattle, WA
Sept 27VCISeattle, WA
Sept 28 - Oct 2DivemasterSeattle, WA
Nov 29 - Dec 11EMTSeattle, WA
Jan 4 -22Working DiverKey West, FL
Jan 17VCIKey West, FL
Jan 18 - 22DivemasterKey West, FL

If you are interested in any of the above listed training, contact Laurie Barber at (206) 526-6695.End of article


Phase I operations consisting of Navy/NOAA dives from the M/V Kellie Chouest began May 24. Phase II operations will consist of NOAA divers working from NOAAS Ferrel and R/V Cape Fear from June 9-25. Workup dives for team members will be conducted in early June. Participants include personnel from NOAA, NURP, Navy and the Cambrian Foundation.End of article

Photograph of students from the May Working Diver training class held in Seattle. Participants were from NOAA, USFWS, ADFG and the Seattle Police.

May Working Diver Class

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