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April 1998


Several units have experienced problems when attempting to purchase medical grade oxygen when refilling the cylinders in the emergency oxygen kits. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) considers medical grade oxygen a drug which can not be dispensed without prescription from a licensed health provider.

The NOAA Office of General Counsel investigated this problem and obtained guidance from the FDA, Office of Compliance. Cylinders bearing the following statement can be filled without a prespiration:

" For emergency use only when administered by properly trained personnel for oxygen deficiency and resuscitation. For all other medical applications Caution Federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription."

Stickers bearing this statement are available from NDC and should be placed on both cylinders in your SEP provided oxygen/first aid kit. If you experience problems filling medical oxygen cylinders that are labeled with the above statement, contact Mr. Duane Sylvia, FDA at (301) 594-0095. Provide the name, address and telephone number of the supplier and the name of any individual you dealt with in the process.End of article



Divers from the Monterey Bay and Channel Island Marine Sanctuaries supported diving operations for the JASON Project IX: Oceans of Earth and Beyond, March 12-25, 1998. NOAA and JASON divers completed five dives per day that consisted of live broadcast from several underwater areas of the sanctuary. Local High School students, along with noted researchers, also completed dives and conducted interviews and lectures to millions of students throughout the world. A total of 179 dives were completed and monitored by the UDS (Patrick Cotter) and other NOAA Divemasters without incident.End of article


The next Working Diver class is scheduled for May of 1998. Please contact NDC if you have any candidates for this training. Individuals who are returning to active diving status and have not dove for more than six months, must attend a refresher class. If you would like a refresher class in your area, contact NDC for avalibility. The following training classes are scheduled through December 1998:

May 4 -22Working DiverSeattle, WA
May 16VCISeattle, WA
May 18 - 22DivemasterSeattle, WA
Sept 14 - Oct 2Working DiverSeattle, WA
Sept 27VCISeattle, WA
Sept 28 - Oct 2DivemasterSeattle, WA
Nov 29 - Dec 11EMTSeattle, WA

If you are interested in any of the above listed training, contact Laurie Barber at (206) 526-6695.End of article


The operation dive plan for the Monitor project was reviewed and approved by the Safety Board. Phase I operations consist of Navy/NOAA dives from the M/V Kellie Chouest and are scheduled from May 24 to June 14. Phase II operations will consist of NOAA divers working from NOAAS Ferrel and R/V Cape Fear from June 9-25. Workup dives for team members will be conducted in early June. Participants included personnel from NOAA, NURP, Navy and the Cambrian Foundation.End of article


The NOAA Diving Safety Board - is comprised of five individuals who are responsible for; recommending policy changes in operational procedures, diver certification and training requirements; reviewing special projects, diving accidents, diver appeals; and investigating and evaluating new techniques and equipment.

The Director NDP, Line Office Dive Officer's (LODO's) and the NC Fleet Diving Officer, (FDO) are your representatives. Current Board members are:

Chairman - David Dinsmore
NMFS Ian Workman     NOS CDR Alan Bunn
OAR Jules Craynock     NC LCDR Frank Wood

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