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December 1998


The annual report was completed and will be mailed in January. Color copies will be sent to all management personnel (i.e. lab directors, sanctuary managers, marine center directors, assistant administrators, etc). Black and white copies will be mailed to all UDSís and vessel Divemasterís. Please review the report and share it with the your supervisors and other divers at your unit.End of article


The NOAA Diving Safety Board met the week of December 1st, 1998. Several issues were discussed but the primary objective of the meeting was to complete and approve the revised version of the NOAA Diving Regulations (NAO 209-123). This task was completed and the revised regulations were forwarded to NOAA headquarters for final approval.

Several sections of the regulations were reorganized, rewritten and clarified. New material was included and significant changes were made to the Diving Safety Rules. When the regulations are approved, copies will be sent to all active divers with a memo outlining major changes.End of article


This month features the members of the NOAA Diving Safety Board. These individuals consist of the Director, NOAA Dive Program, the Line Office Diving Officers, and the Fleet Diving Officer. Each member of the board brings operational experience from the various line offices in NOAA. The combined working and scientific diving knowledge of this group is in excess of 120 years. The safety of all NOAA divers and the excellent reputation of the NOAA Dive Program are due to their guidance and efforts. The members of the board are shown below.End of article


The new Diving Supervisor Handbook is completed and regional meetings will begin in January. The manual has been re-written and addresses the new diving regulation and changes in operational policies. Included with the handbook is a CD-ROM with NDP forms and refresher training materials. The handbook will be used by Line Office Dive Officers, Unit Diving Supervisors and ship Divemaster's.

Regional meetings will be held to introduce the new handbook and outline the refresher training program. Future regional meetings will be scheduled and completed by the summer of 1999. NDC will contact you for suitable times and locations.End of article



The 4th edition of the NOAA Dive Manual is being developed by BEST Publishing. The Director, NDP and members of the NOAA Diving Safety Board are reviewing each chapter and have the final edit authority. Because of this, the new manual will better represent NOAA divers and be an accurate depiction of NDP operations, capabilities and requirements.

The manual is expected to be available later this year (1999). As in the past, NDC will send a manual to each active diver. Additional manuals can be purchased from BEST Publishing for approximately $60.00. The manual will also be available on CD-ROM at a cost of around $60.00.End of article

NOAA Diving Safety Board
NOAA Diving Safety Board (from left to right):
Ian Workman, NMFS LODO, Bill Valley, NOS LODO (Incoming),
CDR Alan Bunn, NOS LODO (outgoing), Dave Dinsmore, Director NDP,
Jules Craynock, OAR LODO, LCDR Frank Wood, ONCO Fleet Diving Officer.

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