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November 1998


As we get older, it seems that time passes quicker each year. My time at the Dive center is coming to an end and in February 1999, I will be reassigned to the National Marine Fisheries Service in Seattle. I will remain very active at NDC until this time and plan on completing several projects before I depart.

Beginning in December, LT. Mike Hoshlyk will be returning to NDC and will assume my duties once I depart. Mike’s assignment at NDC will only be for one year. Several of you know him from his prior assignment at the Dive Center and I will be directing several of your questions/request to him during this transition period.

This month’s TOPSIDE contains the fifth installment of the Monitor Expedition, a detailed outline of dive techniques used by the NOAA and USN teams during phase one operations.

We are finalizing the UDS handbook and hope to begin meetings in January. We will keep you informed of dates and locations.End of article

-LCDR  Frank Wood -


Please review the enclosed roster which reflects the records at NDC for the date of print. Inactive/terminated divers are to return SEP equipment or resolve their status to active as soon as possible. Units will be assessed SEP charges for inactive divers who are in possession of gear. Please annotate and return a copy of the roster indicating any changes to personnel or diver status. Diver certifications will be suspended when a physical has expired or when diving activity has lapsed for six months.End of article


We will be completing the NDP annual report next month. Units that have not yet submitted their annual operations reports to their respective LODO’s must do so immediately. Also, please send any new pictures you may have, slides or prints, to LCDR Frank Wood at the Dive Center.End of article


The Safety Board will meet in Seattle December 2-5, 1998. Contact your LODO with any issues you may have. You can fax your issues to NDC at (206) 526-6506.End of article


The January Working Diver class is almost full. Please contact NDC ASAP if you have any candidates for this training. Individuals who are returning to active diving status and have not dove for more than one year, must attend a refresher class. The following training classes are scheduled through May 1999:

Dec 8CBTSeattle, WA
Jan 19 - 30EMTSeattle, WA
Jan 11 - 29Working DiverKey West, FL
Jan 24VCI & First AidKey West, FL
Jan 25 - 29DivemasterKey West, FL
Feb 15 - 19Working RefresherSeattle, WA
May 3 - 21Working DiverSeattle, WA
May 16VCI & First AidSeattle, WA
May 17 - 21DivemasterSeattle, WA

Please contact Laurie Barber at (206) 526-6695 for course information and scheduling.End of article

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