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Standardized Equipment Program

Maintenance, Repair and Accountability

Maintenance & Repair
All regulators (primary, RASS and alternate air sources), depth gauges, pressure gauges, and BCD inflators must be returned to the SEP for overhaul and/or testing annually.  Although equipment service dates are tracked by the NOAA Diver Management System (NDMS), it is the diver’s responsibility to be aware of their equipment’s maintenance schedule and ensure that their gear is returned to the SEP for servicing prior to its annual service date (whether sent directly or thru their UDS).

The diver will receive an automated message 30 days prior to the date that their equipment is due for service.  Arrangements should be made at this time for the return of the gear to the SEP office.  If the gear has not been received by the SEP within 14 days of the first message, the diver will receive a second automated reminder.  If the equipment is not received at the SEP Office by the service due date, the diver will no longer be authorized to dive until the equipment has been returned for service.  Service dates are listed on the diver’s equipment inventory page.

When shipping equipment, it should be secured in rigid boxes with sufficient packing material to prevent damage or loss during transit.  Tracking numbers should be retained as the diver remains accountable for the equipment until it is received by the SEP.  All divers are requested to tag or otherwise identify their equipment.

NOAA Divers are accountable for the SEP gear that has been issued to them.  Loss or damaged to their gear should be immediately reported to their UDS and the SEP Office (  An inquiry will be conducted by the UDS and reported to the SEP.  The NDC Property Review Board will investigate the circumstances surrounding the loss, theft, damage, or destruction of the equipment and determine any employee liability. Divers that lose or damage equipment in the interest of safety will not incur responsibility.  Divers found negligent in the loss or damage of gear may be held accountable up to the replacement cost.

Lost or Damaged Equipment
In the case of loss or damage to SEP diving equipment, Standard Equipment Program Review of Property (NF 57-03-72) must be filled out and returned to the Standardized Equipment Program Office.  The following documents the procedure for completing and submitting NF 57-03-72:

Step 1:   The diver will fill out the applicable portions of the form, including description and serial numbers of the items, and circumstances surrounding the loss of equipment.
Step 2:   The UDS or commanding officer must include their findings and sign the designated section.
Step 3:   Return the form to SEP coordinator, with damaged equipment if applicable.
Step 4:   Findings and recommendations of Board of Review will be completed by the SEP Coordinator.
Step 5:   Upon administrative approval from the NDPM, action will be completed.

Returning Equipment
When a diver is transferred, placed on inactive status, or terminated from a unit, it is required that all the equipment issued to the diver be returned immediately to the NDC through their UDS or vessel Divemaster.  Equipment should be received by the SEP prior to the permanent change of station, completion of assignment and termination of diving status or employment.  Charges will continue to accrue for equipment not returned.  The use of SEP equipment by inactive divers is prohibited.
The diver remains accountable for his or her equipment until it is received by the SEP.

Standardized Equipment Program
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