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Standardized Equipment Program

Information for Unit Diving Supervisor

Unit Diving Supervisor Responsibilities
Equipment issued to shore based diving units is managed by the Unit Diving Supervisor (UDS).  Equipment on board NOAA vessels is to be managed by the shipboard Diving Officer in conjunction with their UDS.  It is the responsibility of the UDS to:

  • Ensure that all diving gear and accessory equipment are maintained in a safe operating condition.
  • Ensure that SEP equipment remains in compliance with annual equipment maintenance requirements.
  • Coordinate and maintain records of diver inventory, equipment requests, maintenance, repairs, and returns through the SEP.
  • Track maintenance compliance of personally owned or Unit provided equipment.
  • Coordinate the return of diving equipment for divers who are transferred, placed on inactive status, or terminated from a unit.
  • Review and report loss or damage of SEP equipment.


The Standardized Equipment Program, with the exception of the Coordinators salary, is funded solely by the Diving Units in the form of annual assessment charges and enrollment fees.

Assessment charges are a yearly fee paid by the divers who use SEP equipment.  The annual assessment amount per diver is derived by dividing the average SEP yearly operating costs (current equipment procurement costs, annual maintenance, repair, loss, and shipping costs) and the anticipated equipment budget for the upcoming fiscal year by the number of divers participating in the program. 
The assessment fluctuates slightly from year to year because the numbers of divers joining or leaving the program changes monthly as does the amount of equipment needed to support classes, divers in the field, equipment replacement and maintenance costs.

Assessments are charged per diver at the beginning of the FY.  If a diver is participating in the Program as of October 1 – they will be charged an assessment fee for that year.

Dive Units will continue to be assessed for an inactive diver that has failed to return equipment issued to them or has not submitted the proper notification and paperwork to the NDC when transferring Units or duty stations.

The SEP enrollment fee is an initial “start-up” cost charged to the Unit when a diver joins the program and is issued gear.  The fee helps offset the purchase cost of the gear for the diver.

Equipment Program Variables

  • Newly certified divers - turnover and expansion are estimated.
  • The average life of all SCUBA equipment was initially set at five years.  Active life is reassessed as the average life history data is determined to be otherwise.  The assessment is adjusted accordingly.
  • Average annual equipment loss and disposal, shipping, consumable and maintenance cost all increase with the growth of the program.
  • The average cost of a full gear bag will vary with economy and technology.

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